Thorner’s Homes have proudly offered accommodation to women for more than 225 years in Southampton. 

Whilst the needs of women may have changed over that time, the fundamental principles behind what we do haven’t.

In 2006, our objects were widened by the Charity Commission from poor widows of good character to include, single women in need over the age of 55.  In 2020, we were granted consent to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) governed by a Charity Commission Scheme with a registration number of 1189291. During 2020, the charity will move across to the modern entity and its revised objects.

Admission Criteria
Under the terms of our existing charitable scheme we must comply with our 2006 objects:

The provision of accommodation for poor widows of good character and single ladies in need aged 55 and over”

However under the terms of the new 2020 scheme our objects have been revised and the trustees have made the decision that these will take precedence over the 2006 scheme:

“The objects of the CIO are, for the public benefit:

(i)         relieving need by providing social housing in the form of almshouse accommodation for:

(a)  poor widows, and

(b)  single women aged 55 or over

who require such accommodation due to poverty, financial hardship or other charitable need.

(ii)         such charitable purposes for the benefit of residents of the almshouses as the trustees may from time to time decide.”

Applicants must be poor widows, or single women aged 55 and over who are require accommodation due to poverty and financial hardship.

Applicants must be capable of living independently, as we do not provide care and support.

If you fit the above criteria and feel that living in an almshouse community would suit you, please click on the link below to look at our Accommodation & Applying page for further information.

Please note that accommodation is allocated to the applicant who meets the objects of the Charity and is deemed to be most in need, by the Trustees, at the time of that vacancy.

All Appointments are made at the Charity’s discretion.

Please note, if appointed to become a resident of an Almshouse, a resident becomes a beneficiary of the Charity, not a tenant.  In addition, a resident has no legal interest in the accommodation and the ‘right to buy’ is not transferable to Thorner’s.